The inspiration for the Prodigal music video ( link) came from a trip to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland where there is so much sea, sky, mountains and watery blue beauty everywhere you look.
This became the imagined location for where we felt the ‘Father’ would be living in the music video.

One thing we have learnt fast is that if perfection is beyond your budget you have to get creative. That’s when we realised that Wales also offers mountains, sea and plenty or watery blue beauty so we set out in search of that rare thing .. the right location.

Having imagined the ‘Father’ gazing out of a large window, over a wide expanse of sea, with an adjacent lighthouse beaming out lonely shafts of light into the pitch dark night, surrounded by headlands and mountains, we soon found out that having an ideal location in mind can be unhelpully specific.

The search turned into a fun road trip around the welsh coastline until we finally found the perfect location. It was a fisherman’s cottage built on the edge of a cliff, facing out to sea, with headland, cove and a distant lighthouse visible from the sitting room window. It was incredible..we couldn’t believe it!


The sunsets were perfect too with streaks of dusky pinks and baby blues and the sun, a disc of intense red, falling through the sky to the horizon at the end of each day.

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